Do you produce waste? Are you looking for a company that can help you manage it professionally and competently?
DIFE is a company specialised in the management and treatment of all types of waste and ensures the disposal process quality and certainty as indicated in a consolidated environmental text (Legislative Decree 152/06).


Supported by a technical staff of professional s with attested experience, the company undertakes the task of taking care of the entire waste disposal process:

• Check and analyses of the waste
• Collection at the producers’ facilities
• Transport
• Treatment in specific authorised plants
• Final disposal

DIFE offers the leasing service of containers and press-containers, service entirely dedicated to the Client’s needs.
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Specialists in the removal of Asbestos

DIFE is equipped with staff, means, and equipment specialised in works involving the removal of elements containing asbestos in compact or brittle matrix, taking care of all the administrative documents required by the work plan. DIFE reconstructs the works after removing the asbestos, with a customised service according to the Client’s needs.

How are the removal and reconstruction activities carried out?

  • Inspection by a specialised technician to check the execution of the work
  • Technical consultancy and survey on the asbestos cement covering
  • Management of the administrative documents (work plans), at the competent authorities (USL, Arpat..)
  • Removal of the elements containing asbestos and reconstruction of the covering
  • Management of the hazardous waste in proper treatment plants

Emergency Service and Reclamations

DIFE protects the environment

We carry out a 24/7 environmental emergency service. A team composed of specialised personnel that faces environmental risk situations with competence and suitable means to identify, contain, and stem the possible environmental damage for an immediate and efficient service.

DIFE promptly intervenes for:

  • spill of material on soil and subsoil, in surface and aquifer waters
  • fires, floods, and other natural  disasters
  • removal of means and wastes following accidents on roads and motorways
  • disposal of food market goods that have suffered alterations or damages, therefore,  not suitable for selling

DIFE is reclamation and environmental recovery

DIFE carries out:

  • Reclamation works on the entire national territory of sites where make the environmental recovery is necessary sites
  • Cleaning, reclamation, removal of earthed and unearthed cisterns and tanks

The personnel, equipment, and  know-how puta at disposal allow fulfilling any request punctually and efficiently.